Puppy Contract/Fostering Registrations

Bulldogs require extra reproductive veterinary visits with pre-pregnancy, pre-natal, and post-natal care.  They need around the clock monitoring and assistance with litters. The bulldog can also be a costly pet if not cared for correctly, being prone to nagging issues that require a veterinarian's care. If you are looking for a "discount puppy," we will take that as it may be a hardship for you to raise this pet.  We will be selling puppies on enforced non breeding contracts unless you submit an application as a registered, reputable, and experienced breeder, this is to protect our lines as well as protecting the breed from harm that can occur with inexperienced breeders.  Please do not apply otherwise. 

We are firm on our spay and neuter contracts as well as limited registrations. Please see our Contracts/Registrations link for more information regarding registered breeders inquiring about full registration rights. We also will require written proof from a licensed Veterinarian proving spay or neuter within six months of puppy being in your care.

We offer a return policy at your expense if you can no longer care for the animal for any reason. This ensures that none of our bulldogs or generational bulldogs end up in shelters. We enforce this clause in our contract and will take legal action if we hear of otherwise. We will, however, sit down with you and interview potential adoptees for your pet if we deem appropriate.

Our puppy contracts are currently being re written, please email, call, or message via facebook for puppy inquiries and we will arrange to meet and discuss details. We are currently taking deposits for our litter of Olde English Bulldogges as of November 2014. We are no longer taking applications for our fostering program for this litter. We look forward to chatting with you, and thank you for inquiring.  


Bronwyn Carr