Travelling Tips With Your Bulldog

  Travelling can be a very stressful occasion for you and your bulldog. Mainly if you are leaving them behind! Bulldogs are the most amazing companion dogs and we become extremely attached to those unconditional kisses and snuggles, as do they. So if you are planning on attempting to travel with your bulldog here are a few things to keep in mind.


1. That the hotels/lodging arrangements are pet friendly

2. Make sure you call ahead to camp grounds to ensure they do in fact allow animals and whether or not they have leash restrictions or certain pet friendly areas                       

3. Check to make sure you will have easy access to an outdoor area to excersise and relieve your bulldog

4. Call ahead and check as to whether or not they have flights with climatized vessels or attendants assisting your dog. Also check for airline reviews, make sure you do your homework to ensure that your pet is travelling safely

5. Inquire as to whether or not your dog will need specific vaccinations for the location you are visiting. You will likely need a veterinarians certificate proving they are up to date on shots and are not ill in any way

  Travelling with your pet can be a huge joy, many do not travel at all if they cannot take their beloved bulldogs along with them. If you do have to leave your bulldog at home first try to enlist a house sitter before sending them to a kennel. If they must send them to a kennel ensure you have done sufficient research to make sure your pet is safe and well cared for.