Second Hand Smoke And Your Bulldog

Recent studies have shown that pets exposed to chronic cigarette smoke are at an increased risk of developing nasal and throat cancer. Bulldogs have a greater risk of throat cancer as they have short muzzles, wheras a collie or similar breed with a longer muzzle at an increased risk of nasal cancer.

In short nosed breeds like the bulldog, particles are able to pass into the lungs before being deposited. In longer nosed breeds, the particles are deposited along the lining of the nasal passages. 

The primary culprit of these cancers are repetitive chemical exposure. Its been proven that the harmful gasses from even one cigaratte can take hours to be completely eradicated from a room. 

All in all there are two solutions if you are a smoker. Consider smoking outside<<<<<-------best possible outcome and gold stars from Miss B. Or consider setting up a high powered ventilation fan in one designated smoking room with a possible air filtration system.  

If you are considering purchasing a puppy and you are a smoker with a "smoking room." A room that the bulldog or bulldogs aren't allowed to visit. Then i recommend frequent brushing to remove any toxins that may be lingering in the hair. If you smoke throughout your home I do not judge, but please inquire elsewhere for a puppy as I raise them with utmost care and expect them to have the healthiest lives imaginable. I do not want any of my bulldogs to suffer from preventative conditions.