Purchasing A Bulldog After A Loss

When Your Beloved Pet Passes, When Should You Get A New One?

  Until recently, people have recommended that you get a new companion right away. Although it is important that you have truly faced your grief before getting a new pet. It can cause unplanned resentment getting a new pet too soon. Which is problematic for you and your new friend. 

  So when is a good time? It is dependent on the individual, everyone deals with grief in a different way and passes through the stages at different rates. For some the quietness and loneliness can make it harder to face grief and they manage well with acquiring a new pet sooner. For others it may be months or even years before they are ready. And thats ok!!! 

Ten Tips on Choosing A New Pet

1. Don't rush into it or allow anyone to pressure you before you are ready

2. Don't consider the pet a replacement, your relationship with your pet was real, the memories are real. You will build a new relationship with this pet when you are ready. 

3. Do look for a pet that has differing qualities from your previous pet. If possible avoid a look a like pet.

4. Do your homework, pets bought in haste are often rehomed. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

5. Do involve the whole family when obtaining a new pet. Consider the needs of the family.

6. Do not give your pet the same name or nickname.

7. Do not compare your new pet to a previous pet. You may not remember your past pets puppy time when they were destructive, disobedient, noisy, or unhousetrained. These things take time, its a phase and if you constantly compare you will be consistently disappointed.

8. Do consider the needs of your surviving pets. Will they accept a new pet? Some seem to genuinely mourn the loss of their playmate. When you do get a new pet make sure the surviving pets get adequate attention.

9. Do consider getting your new puppy before the elderly or ill dog passes. Sometimes a younger dog can revitalize an older dog and this may help avoid you having to bond with a new pet while you are still grieving the loss of your other pet.

10. Be kind to yourself, when you are ready you will feel it. Trust your intuitions.