Those Pearly Whites…

  Dental visits are a controversial issue when discussing regular grooming and pro active measures regarding bulldogs. I am going to discuss a few red flags so to speak with dental hygiene and give you some tips for preventative measures.

  It is paramount to implement a regular tooth brushing routine with your bulldog. There are many products on the market to assist in preventing tooth decay as well as inticing your food driven pooch into keeping their teeth as picture perfect as can be. As necessary as their pedicures are their tooth health is just as crucial. My number one goal asides from producing the most incredible breed standard bulldogs is keeping you out of the vets office asides from your immunization schedule. 

Common Indicators of Dental Health Concerns

1. Tartar- Just as us humans can have tartar buildup dogs can as well. Inspect Sally Or Harry's mouth for signs of tartar buildup, we know what it looks like friends!!! If it is extreme it may be necessary to plan a wee cleaning at the vets. Periodental disease is a result of untreated tartar build up, it affects approximately 80 percent of dogs over three years of age and older. It is a result of a combination of infection and inflammation. 

Signs of Peridodental disease are:

*Problems picking up food

*Bleeding or red gums

*Blood in the water bowl or on chew toys

*Bad breath (halitosis)

*Talking or making noises while they eat or yawn

*Bumps of lumps in their mouth

*Bloody or ropey saliva

*Chewing on one side of the mouth

*Sneezing or nasal discharge (advanced gum disease in the upper teeth decay can destroy the bone between the nasal and oral cavity.)

2. Obvious signs of discomfort-If your dog is exhibiting signs of pain as they are eating, drinking, or chewing this is an obvious sign of an underlying dental issue that must be assessed by a veterinarian.

3. THE BREATHHHHH!!!!!!! Now we know that occasionally our beloved pets get into the most undesirable edibles, but their breath should not be consistent and problematic. If your pet has the most extreme case of "Dragon Breath," this is an indication that he or she may need a closer inspection.

4. Gums- Please inspect this sensitive skin, as if it is not a lovely pink shade and appears inflamed or worse this could be an indication to disease.

Please keep in mind that as we want to avoid the vets because of risk of transmitting infection or disease, if we avoid a dental health concern infection it may spread throughout their body causing them grave ramifications. Here are some pro active dental care rituals that if you make part of your routine will save you $$$ and the unpleasantness of dealing with the aggravated situation.


1. Brush your dogs teeth every day, twice if you can manage and if you are as neurotic as I am!

2. Feed your dog quality dog food-Some dogs benefit from food that "brushes," their teeth as they eat, or foods that have additives that help prevent plaque from hardening on their teeth.

3. Offer your dog toys that are safe for daily chewing-Avoid toys that are sold at dollar stores and unreputable sources. The savings in price in the moment may result in costly veterinarian visits. I would highly recommed bull sizzles (they don't smell, stain, or often result in choking.)  Please do supervise them while they are chewing their way to oblivion. No matter the chew toy any dog is at risk of a choking hazard. To avoid the risk of fractures and broken teeth please avoid any hard treats of any sort, such as animal bones (raw or cooked), nylon bones, cow and pig hooves.